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UIZ is a technical research based company with international access, approach and support and with the highest level of creative strategic planning and service for new technology. We are looking for an intern with a strong interest in creative writing having broad and flexible knowledge of business, local and international media and telling exciting stories.
Interns will be expected to keep up-to-date with news in city and region relevant to company profile. Responsibilities will include tracking the information, covering events organized by company, monitoring social media, taking interviews where ever required, content management and translation.
Along with this intern will have to assist on production of video stories made by the company of events and clients including editing, writing script and summary of the video for its web and media broadcast. Interns having background in graphics may assist in creating stories through multimedia elements.


  1. An ongoing/completed study of journalism, media, management, art or relevant field.
  2. Very good writing skills in German and English.
  3. Knowledge of social media and online news venues.

Added skills – Interested to learn

  1. Ability to work and coordinate in a team environment.
  2. Should have basic internet and office operation software knowledge.
  3. Should be able to do Project management with high organizational skills.

Apply with CV via email:
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